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Our Services

Catalyst has no religious or political position and offers help to all whatever their religion, race, sexuality or gender.
NB Our new proposed centre will have disabled access.

Assistance for individuals

abusive groups

  • Assistance for individuals to help them reconsider their membership of abusive groups, help them to leave and take back control of their lives.

Holding Hands

Counselling and therapy

help for all

  • Counselling and therapy for individuals, families and friends.

Business Meeting

Advice to families and individuals


  • Advice to families and individuals concerning how to maintain relationships and communication, particularly in matters of religion.

Counsel & Advice

Advice to families and friends


  • Advice to families and friends on how to promote re-evaluation of a person's beliefs by helping them to encourage critical thinking and to challenge what they have been told within their group.


Advice to solicitors

civil and criminal work

  • Advice to solicitors concerning issues relating to Childrens Act proceedings, divorce, and in some cases criminal actions and civil cases of undue influence (for recovering donations) etc.

Contract Paper Signing

Advice to doctors, police etc

religious groups

  • Advice to doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists, the Police and Social Services etc. in respect of religious groups.

Business Meeting

Training for professionals

dangers of negative manipulation

  • Training courses for teachers, university lecturers, youth leaders and other professionals including those mentioned above to help educate about the dangers of all forms of negative manipulation.

Giving a Lecture
Services: Projects
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