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Catalyst as an organisation has no religious beliefs or objectives and is willing to work with clients from any religious or ethnic backgrounds, firmly maintaining an individual's right to believe in whatever they so wish.

However, it is clear that under the auspices of religion or therapy many groups can be abusive and damage people financially, medically, psychologically and socially. This often entails breaking up families and damaging individuals' careers whilst costing them substantial amounts of money.

Issues Include

  • Problems arising from an individual's conversion to a faith different from other members of their family

  • Cultural problems where two people from different ethnic or religious backgrounds wish to marry

  • Clients who have issues with their religious upbringing.

  • Individuals who have had problems with abusive religious and therapeutic groups (i.e. *cults, new religious movements and sects) or abusive relationships.

*Definition of Cult

Clearly the word cult is highly controversial and is normally used in a negative way, which conjures up visions of people committing suicide (thankfully an extremely rare occurrence) etc. We do not like using this word because everyone has their own idea as to its definition. Sometimes these definitions are very emotive and the use of them unhelpful.

For the avoidance of doubt, for us a cult is a system that produces unhealthy dependence on the group or leader to the detriment of the members, usually by using unethical methods of manipulation. The damage caused can be medical, social, psychological, professional or financial.

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