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Catalyst Counselling Fees

Catalyst is a registered charity but obviously needs funds to continue to operate. 
We do not charge for services but the running costs to Catalyst of providing counselling is £50.00 per hour whether in person or on the telephone.

We encourage clients to make donations for our services if they are financially able. In some cases, clients have set up bank standing orders to give a small amount monthly and often end up supporting us long term as they would any other charity.

If an individual pays income tax the most efficient way of giving is via Gift Aid. By filling in a form once it enables us to recover from the Government, the tax that's already paid on the donation.

We try to never turn people away on the basis of finance. If a person has no means of contributing we still do all we can to assist.

People who have been in abusive groups have often lost most if not all their money to the group or leader. It's a common misconception that this is the result of them being stupid, gullible or in some way damaged. This is not the case. They are usually intelligent but idealistic people who have been tricked and manipulated into giving both their time and money. They are victims and need charitable help to take back control of their lives.

To assist clients or supporters who wish to donate please find below downloadable copies of our standing order and gift aid forms.

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